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The season has finally started
Ian on 06/01/2008 at 1:38am (UTC)
 Well things have finally got underway, I have now played a few gigs and look like getting signed for a residency several days a week.

After some careful consideration I decided to stick with a few of the smaller bars rather than the hotels that were on offer through an agent. I felt it was more intimate and easier to connect with the audience.

In General things are pretty good although we are having a wet spell at the moment but the weather will soon improve.

Looking forward to lots of playing.

Comments & Messages
Ian on 05/24/2008 at 12:13am (UTC)
 It would be great to hear from visitors to the site, even if it is to say you don't like it!!!

I will answer every message


On a roll
Ian on 05/24/2008 at 12:06am (UTC)
 Well things are finally starting to happen, played a gig on Thursday night in Molly Malones Irish bar in Cambrils. Had a laugh with an Irish crowd who were out for a good night.
Got some gigs lined up over next few days with more in the pipeline so keep an eye on the Gigs page.


A Few tough weeks
Ian on 05/22/2008 at 1:25am (UTC)
 Unfortunately things have not gone to plan lately. It has been a bit tough as things have been pretty slow in kicking off here and a lot of bars did not open in April. I have now realised that the Majority of places dont open until late may and not April as previously advised. We also had to go back to Edinburgh again to sort out a few things which due to the lack of openings did not affect us as it might have.
Anyway I have done a bit foot slogging around a few places and managed to pick up a couple of trial gigs with other possibilities in the pipeline so hopefully things will finally kick off for me starting tonight.
Watch for update next week.

Working on a new set
Ian on 04/04/2008 at 10:19pm (UTC)
 Well here I am back in Cambrils and settling in just fine, the weather is certainly helping!!
I played my first gig in Salou last week and it went pretty well, however the agent has asked me to change my set a bit and concentrate on some more upbeat numbers so it is down to some hard work learning some new songs and digging out some of the old ones not played in a while.
Playing here is going to be a bit different from back home but although I may have to be a bit more commercial it should still be fun.
I have around 3 weeks to get it all together so its down to hard practice.
I plan to work on new songs throughout the season and may try to go down the Folk rock/punk and celtic road as it seems to be pretty popular.
more updates soon

That was some drive home
Ian on 03/25/2008 at 2:34am (UTC)
 I left Edinburgh on Thursday 20 March in my trusty SAAB and headed for the Ferry to Ijmuiden in Holland then it would be onward to Spain. After an uneventful sea crossing I arrived in Holland late on Friday morning. After stopping in at Haarlem and having lunch then ensuring that I had refreshments for my journey, I hit the road. As I left Haarlem the snow started, the traffic was building and the speed was reducing rapidly. Nearly five hours later I was just crossing into France when I should have been around Paris by this time. Was this to be the journey to hell?

In France the weather picked up a bit, the traffic got a little lighter and the car finally managed to get the use of the higher gears. After driving a lot longer than I intended I finally stopped just south of Orleans but well short of my intended overnight. This would mean a longer drive on Saturday.

Saturday morning was looking hopeful, a bit cloudy but dry so with a bit of luck I could make up a bit of time (keeping to the speed limits of course), however an hour into the journey and what did I see before me? Yes it was more snow, but luckily enough it was not so bad that I had to slow down too much.

Well this journey just kept throwing up all sorts of weather conditions, I had all the four seasons before arriving home in Cambrils. I was lucky enough to have a break in the bad weather when I got close to the famous Milau viaduct, so I left the Motorway and went down into the Tarn valley to see this fantastic piece of engineering from below. It is really spectacular and worth seeing.

Anyway I arrived home late in the evening on Saturday and at least here it was dry and certainly warmer than back in Edinburgh.

Sunday morning I awoke to bright sunshine and a nice warm day, though the locals are saying it is too cold for this time of the year!! well I suppose it is still winter to them, but for me it is just nice to not have a coat on.

As John Denver wrote "Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy"

See you soon


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