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Ian Robertson - Born in Edinburgh, Scotland

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I started my musical life as a teenage singer in a rock band, in my hometown of Edinburgh, covering many different artists songs from the 60's and early 70's. Performances included songs from Free, Bowie, Quo & The faces to name a few. However I realised that  "I was never really a rock singer although at 17 you believe that you are the best thing since sliced bread". The band I was in eventually split up so I decided to go my own way and started to learn guitar.

After becoming reasonably competent playing an acoustic, and moving to Germany in 1975, I started to get involved in a folk club. Sing a mix of traditional and contemporary songs I found a more comfortable area of music for my style of singing and soon had my own little following when I played in various folk clubs.

 On returning to the UK in 1984 I had a career change and, because of my workload, it became difficult to continue regular playing so unfortunately I pretty much dropped out of the music scene.

In the summer of 2004 I started to get out and about again in Edinburgh and went to a few open mic nights and a couple of pubs that had open sessions. I got out my guitar again and began playing some of the old songs from the folk club days and then tried them out at some of these places. I eventually got offered a spot running a session at the Royal Oak bar in Infirmary Street Edinburgh on a Friday evening and I have been there ever since.

In May 2006 I joined forces with Martin Boland, another of the artists from the Oak, and we started playing some gigs under the guise of Idle Beggars. We released a CD, Rich Man Poor Man Beggarman Thief, in August that year to coincide with some Edinburgh festival gigs.  

August 2007 brought a major change to my life, this was due to changes happening at work coupled with some decisions that I made with my partner Jackie. We decided to head off on a trip around Europe with the main countries being Germany and Spain. 
Leaving the UK mid September we headed off to Germany via Holland. We had an absolutely fantastic 10weeks in Germany and I even managed to get a few gigs. 
After travelling through Austria and Italy we arrived in Spain early November where we decided to settle for several months in a Catalunyan coastal village called Cambrils. I played a couple of gigs during the winter months and then when the 2008 summer season started I set up a series of gigs in Salou.

Unfortunately we had to head home in August 2008 after 11 months of relaxation and fun.
I have played a few small gigs since returning and look forward to building up my gigs for 2009.

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